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50 litre RUB

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Music storage solution
Comfortably holds 400 vinyl 7" singles, 110 DVDs or 180 CDs

External: 28" x 17516" x 9116"
Internal: 2418" x 1558" x 814"
(length x width x depth in inches)

5lb 13oz

Other uses
- Under bed storage
- Picture framing kit
- Power tools

Extra strong!
An extra strong version of this box is available! We have sourced a special grade of high impact plastic for these boxes, which are only available in the natural material color of near white. These boxes are much stronger than all other models and are perfect for uses where the contents require maximum protection from damage e.g. courier boxes for parcel deliveries or airfreight. The color choice is listed as "white strong".

Buy 50 litre boxes (including lids):
Online price $23.68 (exc. tax) or $26.06 (exc. tax) for white strong option

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