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19 litre Really Useful Box


19 litre Really Useful Box 19 litre Really Useful Box
Buy 19 litre Really Useful Boxes (including lids):
Online price £11.51 (inc. VAT)

BULK BUY DEAL: Buy a pallet of 91 x 19 litre Really Useful Boxes (including lids):
Online price £942.67 (inc. VAT)
That is £10.36 (inc. VAT) per box. Shipping is FREE!


Special deal available if you bulk buy these boxes!
See below for details.

External: 395 x 255 x 290
Internal: 315 x 205 x 270
(length x width x depth in mm)


Suggested uses
- A4 paper (5 reams)
- A4 suspension files
- Under-the-sink cleaning equipment box
- Car care box

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  • Replacement lids:
    Online price £1.53 (inc. VAT)
  • Converter lids:
    Online price £3.06 (inc. VAT) or £3.37 (inc. VAT) for white strong option
    (turns your 19 litre Really Useful Box into a 19 litre XL Really Useful Box)
  • A4 suspension files
  • A4 lever arch file
  • Storage Towers

Product reviews

Read what customers of other top online retailers have said about our boxes...


5 starsA Really Useful Box!
17 Jul 2017 by Wishpicker
I use this Really Useful Box in my car to hold all the bits and pieces I need and to stop them all just rolling around the back of the car, and with a lid that clips shut, if the box was ever to fall over, all the contents would stay put. So this Really Useful Box IS a really useful box!

5 starsGood, strong box for a multitude of uses
07 May 2017 by Fenderbender
I have about 40 of these boxes in different sizes and use them for a variety of purposes from storing paperwork to car spares. They are ideal for loft, shed or garage storage as they keep their contents clean, dust free and dry. The lids can crack if poorly handled or dropped but I have never experienced a box to fail.

5 starsAnother great box from Really Useful - perfect for my needs
04 Sep 2017 by Colin
I have bought a variety of "Really Useful" boxes and always been very pleased. This product is no different - I am very pleased with it.
I wanted a couple of boxes to in which to gather my documents, statements etc during the year, for my tax returns. This box is ideal, and the lid clips firmly closed to keep out dust (it is not air-tight).
When I ordered there was no suggestion that it would include any suspension files, so I ordered some of those separately. As I was ordering an A4 box, I ordered A4 files.
Notice: I have seen on Amazon a 24L box that is sized to take Foolscap hangers - and it comes with 10 hangers included. There are also "Really Useful" brand suspension files available on Amazon - but I notice that they all seem to be Foolscap.
NOTE TO POTENTIAL NEW BUYERS: Be sure that you know what you are actually buying - it is clear from some questions and reviews that some people are not clear.
This box is designed to hold "A4" sized suspension files.
There are other boxes that will hold "Foolscap" size suspension files (slightly narrower but longer than A4). A4 documents will usually fit into either size of suspension file.
An A4 document is : 210 mm x 297 mm (8.3 in x 11.7 in); A Foolscap document is : 203 mm x 330 mm ( 8.0 in x 13.0 in) The box for A4 files is 19L and the box for Foolscap files is 24L and the box is around 2inches longer then the A4 box.


5 starsDurable and great quality
16 Nov 2017 by Rach59
These boxes a good value for money and provide a good stackable solution to storage in limited spaces... will certainly buy again.


5 starsI would buy this product again
28 Jun 2017 by Peoplework
These strong, transparent, stackable boxes are perfect for storing papers, maps, letters, etc. This size, 9 litre, fit the usual shelf width and height. The click handles secure the top. They are easy to dust, wipe and are excellent archive boxes. Great product.

Please note:

  • All product prices are shown inclusive of VAT.
  • In light of ongoing Brexit talks and the uncertainty over a deal/no deal outcome we have regrettably had to suspend deliveries to Ireland (both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland). We will review this in the New Year when more information is available regarding the implications of these deliveries. In the meantime we apologise that orders placed using this Online Shop can currently only be shipped to addresses within the UK mainland.
  • Postage is FREE for UK mainland deliveries on orders over £550.
  • For full details of all delivery charges please see the "Terms & Conditions" page.
  • Orders can include a mixture of products from any shop category.
  • You can add more than 10 to your basket either by 'clicking' the 'Add to Shopping Basket' button more than once, or by editing the amount in your shopping basket (click on 'View Basket' to see what is currently in your basket).
  • Box colour choices are:
    - transparent: e.g. "t. blue" = "transparent blue"
    - transparent bright: e.g. "tb. blue" = "transparent bright blue"
    - solid: e.g. "s. silver" = "solid silver"
    - cool: e.g. "c. blue" = "cool blue"
    - neon: e.g. "n. blue" = "neon blue"
    - jade: e.g. "j. blue" = "jade blue"
    - dove: e.g. "d. grey" = "dove grey"
    - white strong: "wh. strong" = "white strong"
    - bright: e.g. "b. blue" = "bright blue"
    - random: see product description for details
    - rainbow: see product description for details
    - patterned: see product description for details
    - multi-colour: "multi" = "multi-colour" (see product description for details)
  • We try to show product colours as accurately as possible, but please be aware that there may be slight differences in colour between the online images and the actual boxes themselves.
  • All boxes include a lid (as below) unless otherwise stated:
    - Clear & transparent boxes come with clear lids.
    - All other boxes come with lids the same colour as the box.
  • For external box dimensions we use the maximum size of the box with the lid and handles in place. For internal box dimensions, we take the minimum dimensions. All dimensions are approximate.
  • Images in the shop are for demonstration purposes only - box contents are not included!
  • Racking, drawer units, and storage units come with boxes included in the price - please check the individual product pages for details of which boxes are included.
  • Racking and drawer units can also be bought without boxes.
  • Drawer Unit top choices are:
    - flat top: "flat top"
    - stationery tray top: "st. tray top" = "stationery tray top"

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