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Really Useful Trays!

To enhance the uses and application of our boxes we have developed a range of trays that can be used in conjunction with our boxes.

Currently we have the following sizes:

Large trays

These trays are 375 x 310 x 90 (length x width x depth in mm). They are available with either 6, 12 or 16 compartments.

Box size Max trays
per box:
Large trays
Max trays
per box:
Cutlery trays
11 litre12
11 litre XL12
18 litre24
18 litre XL24
20 litre24
21 litre24
21 litre XL24
35 litre36
35 litre XL36
50 litre48
64 litre612
84 litre816

Cutlery trays

These trays are 375 x 310 x 45 (length x width x depth in mm) and are designed for cutlery, make-up, craft or office supplies.

Like the other large trays, these trays fit inside the 11, 11 XL, 18, 20, 21, 21 XL, 35, 35 XL, 50, 64, and 84 litre boxes (see above).

4, 9 or 22 litre trays

Unlipped trays

These trays rest in the bottom of the box.

Hobby tray
This tray is ideal for storing and separating small items like paperclips or beads, etc. The tray compartments are approximately 65 x 68 (mm).

9 litre sorting tray (7 compartments)
This tray is double the height of our normal trays.

Lipped trays

These trays have a lip on top to enable the trays to be held off the bottom of the boxes.

Stationery tray
This is ideal for keeping your office stationery organised. It is designed to accommodate 12 inch rulers, as well as normal pens and post-it notes, etc.

Pen tray
The organisational slots have been designed for normal pen lengths. The slots sizes are 167 x 37 x 30 (mm).

A4 tray/Shelf
This plain tray takes A4 paper. It is also ideal for separating items and is ideal for many hobby crafts.

Tray type Max trays
per 4l box
Max trays
per 9l box
Max trays
per 22l box
Unlipped trays
Stationery tray248
Hobby tray248
7 compartment tray124
Lipped trays
Stationery tray112
Pen tray112
A4 tray/shelf112

Scrapbooking 7 litre tray

Our 7 litre Really Useful Box is designed specially for 12x12 inch paper. We then developed a specific tray for scrapbooking. This is a lipped tray so 12x12 inch paper can be stored below and the tray has separators specially for scissors, pens, peelables, strips and stamps.

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