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Boxes to help you get organized!

Whatever your storage and handling problems we can offer you a cost effective solution.

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Really Useful Boxes were initially developed and manufactured in Europe, where our largest customers were Staples and Office Depot. Both Companies encouraged us to start supplying to USA. We currently have a 60,000 sq foot warehouse in Illinois that handles all our distribution, with subcontracted manufacturing mainly in Ohio.

We launched our webshop to supply the widest possible range of storage Boxes in terms of size and color direct to the user when we realised that our retailers could not stock our entire product range.

Really Useful Boxes Inc have developed a range of innovative storage products. Our really useful box sizes range from 0.07 litre to 145 litres.. Our Boxes are manufactured in both Europe and the USA.

Our main product is a range of patented, strong, stacking storage boxes. Each box is supplied with a separate lid, which can be held securely in place by a locking member attached to the box itself.

"Really Useful Box" is our registered trade mark.

The boxes can be supplied in a clear transparent material. This is our most popular option and allows you to quickly and easily identify the box contents. Solid colors are also available and suggested for security and protection against UV light. We also have a range of 8 transparent fashion colors.

As part of our range we have four separate sizes that accommodate office hanging files. This makes the product ideal within an office environment. We also have a range of four boxes specifically for CD storage, DVD storage and Multimedia storage.

Whatever your storage and handling problems we can offer you a cost effective solution.

Enjoy life - use Really Useful Boxes!

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