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Technical specification

The following table relates to our range of plastic storage boxes, all including lid:

Please Note: All dimensions and weights are approximate.

Box Size Dimensions
(L x W x D - inches)
Weight (ld oz)
External Internal
0.07 litre 312x258x114 212x2x1 1oz
0.14 litre 312x258x2 212x2x158 1oz
0.2 litre 434x338x134 3916x2916x114 2oz
0.3 litre 434x338x2916 3916x2916x218 3oz
0.35 litre 618x4x1916 434x318x138 3oz
0.55 litre 858x31516x1916 714x318x1316 4oz
0.7 litre 618x4x318 434x318x234 3oz
0.75 litre 71116x5516x2316 578x4516x134 5oz
0.8 litre 14x31516x1916 1258x314x1316 5oz
0.9 litre 858x31516x234 714x318x238 5oz
1.5 litre 14x4x234 12916x318x238 6oz
1.6 litre 758x5516x4516 578x4516x334 7oz
1.7 litre folding 714" x 5516" x 3916 6516" x 412" x 3716 4oz
1.75 litre 9716x7116x3116 71116x578x238 11oz
2.1 litre 9716x518x5 712x31516x414 8oz
3 litre 958x7116x614 712x558x434 15oz
4 litre US 1458x1014x338 1212x812x234 1lb 7oz
5 litre 1338x8x5 1114x614x418 1lb 1oz
5 litre XL 1338x8x534 1114x614x5 1lb 4oz
6 litre 18516x1058x338 1534x878x234 1lb 15oz
6.5 litre 1714x718x614 1514x558x512 1lb 7oz
7 litre 1534x1334x3516 1338x1218x234 1lb 13oz
8 litre open front 1312x8x634 1138x6716x6 1lb 5oz
8.1 litre 14" x 11" x 5 12" x 912" x 414 1lb 8oz
9 litre US 1412x1014x614 1212x812x512 1lb 13oz
9 litre XL (7" small) 1514x934x734 1312x812x714 2lb
10 litre 2012x1338x338 1818x1134x234 2lb 10oz
11 litre 171516x14x434 1434x12316x3916 2lb 2oz
11 litre XL 171516x14x51316 1434x12316x41516 2lb 9oz
12 litre 1818x1014x6 16516x914x512 2lb 1oz
14 litre open front 15916x10x8 1338x838x738 2lb 1oz
17 litre US 18x14x7 1478x1112x51116 3lb 6oz
18 litre 1878x1538x778 1512x13316x61116 3lb 7oz
18 litre XL (7" medium) 1878x1538x9116 1512x13316x778 3lb 5oz
19 litre US 1412x1014x1118 1112x858x1058 2lb 7oz
19 litre XL (LP small) 1514x934x13 1258x838x1212 2lb 14oz
20 litre 28x18x434 24x14916x312 4lb 10oz
21 litre 1878x1538x778 1512x13316x678 2lb 3oz
21 litre XL 1878x1538x9116 1512x13316x814 3lb 4oz
24 litre 1818x1058x1138 15x9x1058 3lb 1oz
24.5 litre 2358x1534x618 2078x1334x518 3lb 5oz
25 litre 1538x10x1438 1212x838x1334 3lb
26 litre US 3418x10716x614 3158x812x512 3lb 10oz
32 litre US 18" x 14" x 1212 15" x 1178" x 1114 4lb 6oz
32 litre folding 1878x15516x1214 17716x1238x778 1lb 15oz
33 litre 28x1738x658 24x14x558 5lb
35 litre 1878x15516x12316 14916x1212x11 4lb 10oz
35 litre XL (LP medium) 1878x15516x14 14916x1212x1238 5lb 6oz
35 litre XXL (LP medium) 1878x15516x1434 14916x1212x1338 5lb 6oz
42 litre 2012x17516x1214 151516x1438x11 5lb 9oz
48 litre 2358x1534x1238 2078x121316x1138 5lb 11oz
50 litre 28x17516x9116 2418x1558x814 5lb 12oz
64 litre 28x17516x1214 24x14916x11 6lb 11oz
64 litre open front 28x17516x1214 24x14916x11 7lb 3oz
70 litre 3178x2412x878 2712x2158x712 9lb 6oz
84 litre 28x17516x15 24x14916x14 7lb 7oz
145 litre 3178x2412x1658 2712x2158x1558 12lb 2oz


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